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9am. Toronto Firefighting Academy.

A young boy in the crowd of family and friends studies the firefighting coloring book he has been given by Toronto Fire Services. He looks up to his family and announces, ‘I know what I want to be when I grow up! I want to be an artist!’

Photo credit: Tamara Ferdman

445pm. Underground.

Commuters fill the southbound train. In the second car, one of them sticks out his little brown belly and gurgles to his heart’s content. He drools all over mommy’s shoulder and scans everyone with his bright green eyes. He laughs like Woody Woodpecker, in chorus with himself. This continues from St. George to St. Andrew.

Every single person on the train is smiling.

4pm. February 13, 2008.

Walking west on Richmond Street at Portland. From behind, a stumpy yellow Short School Bus approaches.

A sweet young voice hollers out the window to no one in particular:

1. ‘I love you!’

Then, even louder and with greater enthusiasm, in a sing-song way:

2. ‘I loooove cheese pizza!!’

The Short School Bus drives past. A girl of about 10 wearing thick Coca-Cola bottle glasses is sticking her head out the window, fingers curled over the edge. She reminds me of Olive from Little Miss Sunshine. She looks directly at me, eyes and mouth wide open with glee, and nearly screams, red in the face:

3. ‘I loooooove meatballs!!!’

The Short School Bus turns South on Bathurst Street a block ahead. All I can hear, fading into the distance:

‘I … love … pepperoni … pizza …’

730am. Bloor West Village.

Rock’n’roll breakfast is served!

Three little kids and their auntie are dancing to The Arcade Fire and inventing new ways to eat. The sofa is a mosh pit of bed sheets and pillows and cushions. They call it playing Ship.

Enter the Banana Dog:

Nutella on one side, peanut butter on the other and a banana in the middle of a hot dog bun. It is the most exciting breakfast in the whole wide world, invented right here. Arrr!!!

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